28 January, 2013

STOP living busy START living fully – Well-being Check-up now released

Here it is our first iPad App - Well-being Check-up!  Our intention for this App is to learn and share a quick snapshot tool to help people focus on their Well-being. We hope the App gives you time to reflect and focus on your whole life. 
We wish you more enhanced Well-being and a more fulfilling life.
To view and purchase the App for $2.99 you will need an iPad and click on this link:
Official Media Release:
Busy professionals juggle and struggle with doing and being everything… our lives have become too busy. We have coached many successful people on how to move from living busy lives to living more fulfilling lives and achieving their definition of Well-being. We have designed the Well-being Check-up iPad App to help people stop, pause and reflect on their whole life and get a snapshot of their Well-being. The App offers a Well-Being Wheel Assessment with 10 Dimensions, so you can gain insight into areas like family, health, adventure, work and money. Working professionals are surprised when they discover their scores on these 10 dimensions.  Convenient and affordable at only AUD$2.99, the engage Well-being Check-up App tracks where you are now, where you would like to be and how to get there – perfect for serious New Year resolution-makers.

“The engage Well-being Check-Up App is the culmination of my team’s experience in getting people – and their businesses – to flourish in every area,” says Sarina Sorrenti Co-Creater of the App, engage consulting group.

 “It will take you from living busy to living fully. It’s your own coach on your iPad!

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