22 January, 2013

STOP living busy START living fully

January 2013

Busy professionals juggle and struggle with doing and being everything…our lives have become too busy.  We have coached many successful people on how to move from living busy lives to living more fulfilling lives and achieving their full potential.

Many of our clients are grappling with increased responsibilities, global roles and time zones, balancing family and work, keeping healthy, keeping wise and feeling fulfilled. We of course do not have a magic bullet, even though it wouldn’t be a bad R&D opportunity…we do though have a new Well-being Check-up App to increase awareness and focus in this area.

On New Year’s Eve, in between drinks, great food and a lot of laughs a number of my friends lamented their current life balance experiences.  There were common themes - busy lives, feeling tired and not feeling on top of the day to day. On my reflections for 2012 I felt the structure and routine I had put into my life to be extremely efficient and effective and tiring all at the same time.  There were many weeks where I would feel I have given my best to my clients, business and there was little left for my daughter, husband and my dog, let alone myself.  On reflecting on my own well-being over the last 4 weeks of holidays I remembered I could choose to reset my focus and consciously work on my own well-being.  Yes, practicing what I preach does come to mind…

I have a few busy addiction confessions:

-          I like being busy it stops that chatter in my mind (my ego loves creating noise)

-          I was conditioned to work hard and long and put work above all else

-          My identity is strongly linked to achieving and doing not necessarily thinking or being

I am not asking for forgiveness I am just acknowledging these are some of the reasons I have put my own well-being on the back burner.  Another assumption I have is the importance of credibility and being a good role model. So rather than set some goals and plans we developed an iPad Well-being Check- up App.

The Well-being Check-up helps people stop, pause and reflect on their life balance.  The well-being wheel has 10 dimensions; these 10 dimensions are not exhaustive, but are a good place to start.  The check-up gives you a baseline against the 10 dimensions.  The dimensions include Work, Health, Mind, Adventure and Money.

The personal changes I have experienced from focusing on my own well-being so far include giving myself permission to having a well-being day, zip lining 20 metres above the ground in a rain forest, becoming an Apple App developer,  increased health and vitality and more quality times with my family. 

If you are curious about your own well-being and finding out your scores on the well-being wheel our App is being released on January 29th.  Let us know if you would like us to send you link to the app once it is released.

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Make sure 2013 brings lots of opportunities to live fully.

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