02 August, 2006

Finding your voice

I am currently immersing myself in a creative venture in writing a book with a colleague. To be able to write something that is moving,evokes emotion, creates tension, provides reflection and some type of learning in a fun and practical way is our challenge. The ability to go to that place where characters emerge, plots unravel and heros are created is an amazing zone.

My 9 month daughter articulated her first babble, of course she said 'Da-da'. To hear her husky,sweet voice for the first time was wonderful. The power of voice and use of language are talents that we underestimate and under utilise. We carelessly uses these senses and forget how much can be said with such few words...

15 June, 2006

Limiting our own success

One of the key areas we are experiencing in our own business is the repositioning and redesigning of current services and technologies for new markets and applications. Our thinking continues to change, I still remember myself saying:
'I will never do consulting '
'I will never do sales training'
'I will never do phone coaching'
'I will never do financial planning services'
'I will never customize on-line surveys'
All of my 'never' statements have been overturned and converted into fun, viable services for our clients..WE limit our own opportunity to innovate, catch yourself the next time you may use a 'never statement'
Have a non limiting day!

03 May, 2006

The Empty Hand

The Japanese Martial Art of Karate literally means ‘Empty Hand’. Unarmed and many times unassuming, a true Karate-Ka may be mistaken of being defenceless. Armed with nothing more than their bare hands, the martial artist can create so much. It’s a powerful way of being.

In many ways, wealth creation is similar to Karate. With the exception of the privileged few, many of us start life with very little or no money. This is how the journey to prosperity starts. And with all journeys of learning and life experience you need to have teachers guiding you along the way.

Many of the wealthy people I know that created their wealth from nothing have an air of humility and subtlety about them. Just like the unassuming Karate-Ka.

Each Karate class starts and ends with a verse called the Dojo-Kun that embodies the spirit of the martial art. The last line of the Dojo-Kun is applicable here – ‘Seek knowledge’ – and you need to do so on your journey to prosperity.

- Sam

28 April, 2006

Our first blog entry

What is reality?
I thought I would start off with an easy question for my first blog. Do you ever have those moments where everything seems to connect and you feel extremely alive and really part of this amazing world? This happened to me just the other day. I was walking down a beautiful tree lined street and the birds were singing louder than usual, the maroon and golden leaves were floating down the concrete pavement like a crunchy carpet paving a path to my local cafe. The sun was shining very bright and the blue sky was penetrating.
Being fully engaged in life seems to be more of a rare experience than a common experience. People are rushing everywhere, filling their lives full of work,activities and possessions to find themselves still living a half life experience.
Being fully engaged at work is even rarer. Many people will tell you how 'busy' they are and how 'many hours' they have worked and few people will tell you about their creations...
I want to hear about people's creations - what value have you created today, what positive difference have you made and what are you proud of...
I have created my first blog, I am sharing my views to inspire thinking and reflection and I am proud that my blog site though rudimentary provides a voice for our thoughts...