23 February, 2012

New Skin
We have been in our own business for over 12 years and each year there are new discoveries, new opportunities, new insights. Each year as we evolve we seem to shed products, services and replenish them with a new skin. There are of course our constants – our values, our purpose and our core offerings.
The act of renewal is cleansing.
Renewal is a natural part of our ecosystem, we see it in our body every day through our in-going and out-going breaths and our scaly, exfoliating skin.
Nature constantly renews itself, each brand new day we are reminded of this by the sunrises, leaves changing and flowers blooming.
We have recently shed our home office into our ‘real’ office (5 minutes walk from home) and we were amazed with the business clutter that had taken over our home. Clearing the clutter has created open space. Our rooms even have an unusual echo to remind us of the cushioning we once had to pad out our existence.
Our homes and offices like businesses need a refresh and renewal on a regular basis. What clutter have you built up in your business that perhaps is weighing you down and preventing you from moving in a new direction?
Where is the white space in your business to allow new ideas, opportunities or challenges to be identified?
My recommendation at the start of a new year is to shed, let go and see how it feels. Who knows what you will uncover and discover.

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