06 April, 2011

I Am Aware

I Am present for this Blog.
I Am aware of my laptop’s churning sound.
I Am aware of how my fingers lightly tap the keyboard.
I Am present and aware of my physical state, creaky knee and all
In my life roles of Coach, Advisor, Facilitator, Strategist, Mum, Wife, Partner, Daughter, Friend, Aunt, Colleague I am not always so AWARE.
In the roles of Coach and Mum I am most AWARE. I think I might have a bias for these particular roles in my life as the more AWARE and present I am the greater value I experience and create.
When working with Business Executives a lot of energy goes into helping professionals become AWARE of their stories, barriers and strengths and co-creating better ways of being. It seems that in the business of life we forget to pause and remember what state we are actually in. We then allow questionable habits to dominate our life and negative language to restrict our potential. Have you ever heard yourself saying ‘I am too busy’ , ‘I have too much on my plate to look at innovation’, ‘I will get to that when I have a quiet time’…
These scripts play out in reality every day and translate into back to back meetings, task orientation, urgency addiction and working extraordinarily long days. Does this approach to working translate into value and success? For some organisations it does and some it doesn’t. My question for you today is to be Aware of your state - your thoughts, language, physicality, being and then ask yourself this is the most constructive way of being to fulfill your potential and the potential of your organisation, team and colleagues.
Where our attention goes energy flows. Be AWARE of where you are putting your attention and ensure that its focus is what is most important to supporting your success and the success of your organisation. Remember it is OK to pause and reflect and be AWARE, it may only take a few seconds…

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