16 August, 2010

Spring Growth App

Instinct or ‘gut feel’ as more commonly termed is an interesting phenomena which is underrated at work and home at times. When we have so much going on in life and work, we become distracted with the action and task at hand and lose our connection with our inner wisdom.
Malcolm Gladwell reinforced the importance of first impressions in his book Blink a refreshing reminder that no matter how easy it is to access global knowledge, lets not forget our own inner knowledge and wisdom.
It is a little ironic that we can Google anything that we are not sure about, a good eatery, best coffee place, stages of grief, comparisons between iPhone 4 and HTC Desire (just to give you a couple of my latest Google searches) and yet stopping and listening to our natural instincts can be a novel activity.
I recently experienced a rude awakening from my own body, I obviously wasn’t listening or aware of my state of being and found myself in hospital, having surgery and off my feet for a month. I pride myself on reading others so well, yet I forgot about myself. My gut feel turned from a hunch to a major ache! My intuition radar for myself was way off, I am now recalibrating it to be more aware.
My own winter remedy that I hope will be helpful to others:
• Stop and breathe and become centred
• Stop doing everything
• Take help – good help, surround yourself with people who have better skills than you and welcome them into your lives
• Create space to pause and go outdoors
• Hug someone you love
• Surround yourself with people that give you energy and joy
• Book a holiday
• Stop taking yourself so seriously, life is to be lived and not endured
• Stop the instant messaging and go for a walk in the park and reconnect with yourself
As I am getting back into my zone I know I have more clarity, clearer intentions and have less distracting noise at work and home.
I am slowly reconnecting with my inner core, holding on to this as Spring emerges will be not a challenge, but a great springboard into my favourite season abundant with new growth.
Celebrate and embrace our own inner wisdom and allow ourselves to keep this app (application) permanently switched on…maybe we should develop a widget for it?

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Sheryn Gung said...

Sarina, this is great! I have the app but not the iPhone, hehe ;)
Are you on FaceBook? See u soon! x0 Sheryn