17 November, 2009

Taking A Different View

In our busy lives strategic thinking – seeing the patterns and taking a helicopter perspective of our world can be challenging. I bring a helicopter with me to all my workshops as a reminder for us to allow ourselves to change our view on a situation. At times when we are so close to something, our vision can be myopic. Practicing our ability to think strategically can be difficult when a short term view is generally demanded and rewarded.

The dilemma I am exploring is:
Present V Future

The spirituality perspective of life is to live in the ‘present’ and savour every moment.
The strategic thinking perspective is to discover and create the future and what is possible.

The art of reflective thinking and deep conversations enable to us to be more present and authentic with our awareness and intentions and these same practices aid us in thinking of the future.

We have recently built a decking; I have christened it the SKYDECK. I notice so much more when I am up there, the detailed skyline, the fluttering feathered brigade, the leaves emerging on the trees, the fruit ripening, the warmth of the sun and the harshness of the wind. This elevated space enables me to be present and experience a variety of sensations I hadn’t experienced in my home. When I am in this zone I start to see patterns in the world that I hadn’t seen before. I start to contemplate -what ifs and allow alternative assumptions to enter my thinking.

My dilemma is no longer two opposing truths, but two collaborating truths. Perhaps it is simply the ‘AND’ factor once again, be in the present and explore and create the future…

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