22 February, 2007

Turn over a new LEAF

Do you want to make a difference and don’t know how?

At our last holiday my partner had a brilliant idea on how to make a positive impact on the environment. The tipping point has taken place and now the masses understand the need for renewable energies, reduction of emissions/pollutions, conserving water and saving our biodiversity. Most people know why, they just don't know how to make a positive personal contribution. We shouldn't wait for Government and Business to lead the way, we all can make a positive change in our world today. If we only knew how... Thats where we come in, we are going to make it so easy for people to make a positive difference today.
We came up with LEAFTM. LEAFTM provides a way for people who care about the environment to leave behind a better world for our children. LEAFTM stands for LIFE ENVIRONMENT ASSURANCE FOUNDATION, pay it forward for a better future. LEAFTM helps us to exercise choices to invest in our children’s future in practical ways including:
-Improving energy usage and reducing greenhouse emissions in the home
-Conserving the world’s biological natural diversity
-Investing in ethical companies that support sustainable business practices

Our role is to package practical home and lifestyle services for you - it is as easy as filling in one form and we will do the rest
LEAFTM is a membership based service and our aim is to make it easy and practical for you to implement change. There are two levels, Green Forest and Blue Sky, each offering a range of services and subscriptions from engage consulting group and our alliance partners. Membership Options
Green Forest membership provides:
Information and tips on saving energy and reducing greenhouse emissions at home to save money
·Membership to Greenfleet, a program that plants trees to reduce car emissions (tax deductible)
·Adoption of an animal through WWF Australia (tax deductible)
·Access to Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) Fact Sheets, events and programs
·A 1hr consultation with a Financial Adviser on Ethical Investing
Blue Sky membership provides all Green Forest membership benefits plus the following options:
·A one hour consultation with a Home Sustainability Consultant from Going Solar or Neco on practical home water and energy savings OR
A ‘Home Sustainability' Product Pack for kitchen, bathroom and around the house OR
If you wish, you can save up your points to the value of the above packages and services and use them for a larger purchase, for example 3 years membership points will provide you with approximately $300 value towards home sustainability products and services.

If you want more information please visit our website: http://www.engageconsulting.com.au/LEAF.html

If each of us made positive environmental changes to our home and lifestyle, we would solve our green house gas problems and provide a better future for our children. As Nelson Mandela said - 'it starts with me'. Be the change in your world.

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